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Needed a new look for my work Christmas do. Only one place to shop in Stafford and that's Acapella. Internet shopping may be the reason for a number of high street shops closing but Acapella offers something the internet can't and that's the personal touch. I've shopped here for years as the customer service is unrivalled. The shop is excellently run by Louis and his approach to customer service is top drawer. Today Wayne was helping me as wanted a new style but always been a bit traditional and not open to change. Wayne suggested a number of items and I went away with shirts, jacket, shoes and jeans. Cynics may say it's their job and sales well yes it is and they have a business to run but they never ever make you feel this way. There even was a more expensive pair of shoes but Wayne didn't think it suited the look so again you get the feeling they want you to be happy with what you buy. Been to lots of shops that just want your money but not here. If you want quality clothes and help then this place is for you. Two absolute gentleman who care and put the customer first. High street brands take note as you could learn a lot from Wayne and Louis. Looking forward to stepping out in my new clobber!   08-12-18